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2012 Galaxy - is a warranty worth it?

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Hi I would really appreciate some advice from Galaxy owners please!

We pick up our 62 reg Galaxy tomorrow morning. It's a 1.6 diesel titanium with 31k miles. It looks in great condition and was owned privately before by a registered disabled lady.

The garage are trying to sell us a 3 year extended warranty. Having never owned a Ford before, it would be great to hear from people who have had a similar car and if they had any problems. Our gut instinct is that if anything would go wrong, it's likely to be after the 3 years is up, as we are using the car for our family and will only drive around 12k miles a year. 

All comment would be welcome, pros and cons please!



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It would be worth reading in depth what IS actually covered and what is NOT covered. 

My local ford dealer in the town I stay in is £90 an hour labour so prices of repairs would soon rack up at a dealer. 

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As above - the level of cover & parts failure conditions covered is vital . . . .  & at the end of the day any warranty is simply an insurance policy - you are in effect gambling that something expensive will go wrong, but hoping it doesn't  . . . .  & you are covered for potentially huge repair costs should x or y or z go wrong, but maybe not if parts a or b or c fail . .  so make sure the policy is suitable for your needs.

As previously stated, £0.69p per day is a small price to pay for at least some peace of mind i.m.o.

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