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Looking to buy a Focus


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Hi guys,

My Astra is getting on a bit and I think my next car will be a Focus. The facelifted one. MK2? Will most likely be going for a diesel but there are a few things I want to find out first.

I want it to have 6 gears and from looking on eBay it seems most are 5 speed but I did see one or two 6 speed. Is there an easy way to make a search that will only come up with the 6 speed cars? Also the same about the rear brakes. I want disc rather than drum. Is it just some specific models or can any of them have discs? I also saw one had a satnav in it's audio unit while most are just plain audio. What does that depend on? Year, model or just an optional extra?

Any other Focus buying advice will be welcome too.

Thanks in advance.


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