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Bought car unseen


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Hi I'm a new member. I bought a car from a reputable garage without physically seeing the car. I bought it on the basis of the video of the car. FSH,  low mileage and price of course. Was delivered on a low loader last Friday. Thankfully everything was fine. I know it was a risky strategy but I didn't have transport and didn't want to confine my search to York, where I live. What do people think?

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Not sure what the question is lol?

I bought a car that way, I'm agoraphobic so can't travel far, looked good online.  Was messed around for days about it being 'valeted and serviced' when it wasn't even there due to being used as a courtesy car!  When it eventually turned up it had a different interior to it's pictures online (was the top model with leather seats...came with some cheap cloth rubbish).  Had a major scratch on the rear door.  And it hadn't been serviced on time despite being a dealer owned car, they'd serviced it the day before delivery if the service book is to be believed.  It was hand delivered by two idiots from the dealership that drove away screeching tyres on their brand new company car as well.  Now I'm not saying I don't like a hard drive but that's not exactly professional leaving a customers house!

Needless to say I sent the car back for a full refund and won't ever do that again!

I have since bought cheap cars (max £700) from private sellers without viewing first and they had been far more honest about the cars! :smile:

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Hi & welcome :cool: 

I hate it when people who are selling their cars say things like "One lady owner from new" and "genuine mileage and never thrashed about"

I would much rather a seller say "yeah, you know what I did open up the throttle every few days and give it a good smash" I remember taking my Focus for a test drive and the dealer said put your b100dy foot down mate so I did and immediately fell in love.  

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