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Sync, Play Songs in Track Order from Memory Stick?


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I have a 63 Focus with a Sony unit. I'm having trouble with it reading my memory stick.

It reads it but puts tracks in it's own order not the order I arranged them. I have numbered each track next to the track title, but

it arranges them in alphabetical order even though the number is first. I have then tagged each track with the relevant number but it arranges them in

1,10,11,12, 13......2,20,21,22 etc. I'm getting frustrated as I've tried several programs but none seem to work. I'm sure it's pilot error

somewhere along the line. Any assistance or being pointed in the right direction would be a great help.



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I can't remember if I read this can be fixed with a Sync update, but I have expanded your title a bit, so it hopefully picks up some comments from people who might know, or have found a workaround.

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Download and use MP3TAG.


When you get the music files up after selecting a source folder just 'ctrl / a' all the tracks and on the left side where it says track title just select <blank> in the title box on the side menu then save.

I've made a quick guide to assist anyone needing help-

MP3TAG for Ford Sync Guide.pdf

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