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What is the best people search for address/place either what you buy or cheap/free.

Years ago i had UK info,192.com is ok but you have to pay and aint that cheap.

So UK info/people finder was owned by 192.com and now just online and have to pay.

For old school friends/work mates.


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1 hour ago, TomsFocus said:

Facebook is a good way to stalk people and free...

Be amazed how many people leave their profiles public!

Tried that option,one of them is elderly so don't think they would use Facebook lol.

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23 minutes ago, jeebowhite said:

192.com is good for tracking people down, I use linked in and also Facebook as a starting point.

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I wish you could get a deal for a 12 months search as just £5 for 5 or so credits for 1 month.

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Cross-referencing the free databases via Google (or your favourite search engine) yields a surprising amount of information, that you would otherwise have to pay for, from several professional services.  The only downside, is the amount of time it can take.  On search engine searches, you can be searching up to and beyond 15 pages and checking each relevant link as you go.

Companies house, is good for people with businesses but use the alternative beta site, where you can get half the information that regular site charges for.


Or this one, Endole


If you think they have a web site with their own domain, whois provides the addresses of the registrant and a phone number.  Although, depending on the nature of the web site, they may have an agent rather than their own address and phone number.

This site is better than 192.com for electoral info, on their 'free' search


Although 192.com, by cross-referencing the 'free' info you can build-up the historical whereabouts of who you're looking for, and where they've been and where they've moved to.

As Tom has already said, Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media sites.  People are shockingly cavalier with their personal data on social media

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