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Ford Focus - How much engine oil should my engine be using?

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Hi.  I would be extremely grateful for replies to these two questions.

I own a Ford Focus (62 reg) 1.6 ti vct (petrol engine) with 19 000 miles on the clock.  

I used to own a 2003 Ford Focus 1.6 (petrol engine).  In the owners manual of that car it said that the oil consumption of the engine reaches its normal value after about 3000 miles.  It also said that the oil consumption of the engine depended on many factors (didn't say what they were) and that under high loads the engine will also consume more oil.

It doesn't mention this information in my current 2012 Mark 3 Focus.  I have been told by a ford garage that the above will apply to my car even though it's not mentioned in the manual.  Why do you think it is not in the manual and also what is the "normal value" of oil consumption that Ford are meaning?  ( I was told about 250ml of oil for about 2000 miles of driving)

My second question please is about confusion over the best way to get an accurate reading of the oil level on the dipstick.  It does say in the manual that you should check the level before starting the engine and for the car to be on level ground.  It also says that hot engine oil expands by a few millimetres.  My question is that surely if you check the engine whilst it is hot then some oil will still be in the top part of the engine and so give a misleading lower oil level reading on the dipstick?  What do you think is the best way of checking the level please?  

Thanks for answering my questions guys.


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I'm sure you've asked this before.

Only way an accurate engine oil check can be done is when checking oil from cold with car being parked on a flat surface.

Your car should consume no oil AT ALL.

As I said last time, Older cars , 15 years + may burn oil, but only a small amount that is not out the ordinary for the engine age or condition (wear and tear ) but once the amount of oil consumption becomes excessive then you have a problem.


A 62 plate car should under no circumstances consume oil, if you can confirm that it is not leaking oil then it will be burning oil.

If it is burning oil then it has a problem, it is worn and it shouldn't be, maybe valve stem seals, maybe piston rings.

If it is burning oil you should get rid and get a new car, or get it fixed



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My car is a mk3 ecoboost 1.6 and recently i had to top up oil, qoute from garage ecoboost engines may use oil and ford tolerance is 1litre per 1000 miles. Anything more than this and there is a problem. 

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