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Hows things lads I'm Kenneth well everyone calls me Kenny or I'm sure worse when I'm not around. Anyways I bought myself a mk6 Fiesta Wednesday evening. I'm only driving since September 2015 although I passed my test in September 2012. I know it took me a while to get on the road but I had part time work in 2012 that I was let go from so the driving was put on the back burner until I was in a position to get on the road. So fast forward 3 years and hey presto I finally got insured but not in a Ford. My brother who is a mechanic got a 00 1.2 Opel Corsa as a trade in on a car that he was selling in his garage and gave it to me as it was around the time of my 21st birthday so I couldn't say no to a free car. I will be honest tho I always liked Toyotas because it's all my dad drove when I was younger. Anyways after 5 months of trouble free driving in the Corsa the head is on the way out so it was time to keep an eye out for something else. My brother suggested to go for a mk6 1.25 Fiesta and I'll be honest I was a bit iffy on them and after looking at 2 that were 100 miles away from the way they were described. Anyways we finally found one that is clean now it does have a few small little marks but then again it's an 11 year old car. The car recently had new brakes all round, the timing belt was replace and it only has 118k kilometers on it and it has test for another 7-8 months. Anyways that's enough rubbish talk from me I'm sure at this stage I've bored some of ye half to death so yeah I'll post pics in a different thread in a few minutes. 

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