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Free milltek dual cat back exhaust


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I have just brought a petrol mk7 fiesta Zetec s that is fitted with a milltek dual catback exhaust. 

I love the exhaust but unfortunately I have to get a standard exhaust system fitted so that I can insure my car for a reasonable price:(.

A friend of mine suggested posting an advert on a forum asking if anyone with a standard exhaust system in a identical fiesta would like to do a swap? 

the system was fitted by the previous owner 25,000 miles ago. the exhaust tips haven't had a good clean in a while but I will attempt to restore them this weekend to a shine! The cat back seems to be in great shape and it sound really good! 

I currently work in warwick but I come from bristol and drive down most weekends. 

Hope this appeals to someone as need a new system ASAP and may be forced to buy a new system through a dealer if I can't sort something out soon!


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Hey man,

I'm currently searching the market for a milltek cat back exhaust system as it happens :) I have a facelift mk7.5 1.0 ecoboost, but IF it would fit I would very much beinterested and would probably throw some money your way for your troubles & the fact its an aftermarket exhaust worth more than standard :)

if you find out if it fits (I will look around as well) then I'd be very inclined to work something out with you ASAP to not let the opportunity go right past my nose!

My email is iam2deck@hotmail.com if you want a proper chat matey :)

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Looking around and apparently they would swap out, only problem is needing a diffuser for a dual exit, I assume you've got one already on? If so that would have to come with it as well and that would need to be swapped for mine. I have either the standard, or the black edition rear end diffuser


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