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ford focus radio help


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I'm hoping someone can help. And i apologise if it's not the place to post this. I'm new.

I have a Ford Focus 2005 and it is fitted with a Ford 6000 CD (Pic 1).

I am wanting to plug my phone in and play music through the stereo. I have been told (i researched) that i need to buy another head unit as this is the CDDJ (CD changer) unit and not AUX supported.

So, with that in mind, i have seen there are a number of different Ford stereos with the same !Removed! name! Ford 6000 CD.

Basically, all i wanna know is will either radio from pic 2 and/or 3 fit my car?

AND (most importantly) will i be able to fit an AUX cable to the head unit for my phone and is it easy enough to do?

Bonus request: If anyone could give me as much info as possible on how to fit the AUX to the stereo, that would be fantastic. (is it really as straight forward as fitting the plug to the back of the head unit, and the other end into my phone?)

Thank you all.

pic 1.jpg

pic 2.jpg

pic 3.jpg

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Picture 2 is a direct swap, you will just need an aux connector-


You can also fit pic 3 but would need a different radio surround and a pair of mounting brackets (guide available via link at bottom of this post when viewed on a PC).

TBH, pic 2 or pic 3 radios are not that good for sound quality, Sony ones are far better.

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Thank you for your replies, appreciate the help. Will the audio on the direct swap (same radio but with aux) be the same as the FM and /or CD quality?

If so, I'm ok with that haha. Thanks again. 

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Other than the heads I mentioned above. If I wanted to pick up a different head unit, let's say one with bluetooth etc. How do I know it will work in my car, and/or how do I know what adapters etc I need for it? Like if I was just looking randomly at head units, is there a way to know if it will work in my car?

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