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Negative equity

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I recently visited my Ford dealer to see about changing my car as I have only 6 months left on options. I'd seen the new black and white Ka online and was hoping to change to this. At the dealership they told me my car was £1000 negative equity and to change my car it will cost me £40 more a month :-( and if I wait the 6 months this will only get worse. I have one 2" scuff on a wheel arch and thats it. I love my car and have been pleased with Ford but its looking like I'm going to have to go elsewhere. Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem? 

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It's impossible to be in negative equity at the end of your contract, as long as the car is in a reasonable condition and you have not exceeded the agreed mileage. You can just give the car back if it is worth less than the GMFV.

The dealer might just be spinning you some BS, to offer a lower trade in price. Have you tried a different dealer to see what they could offer?

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