2.0 Diesel 2010 High Coolant Temp

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Good Evening Everyone,

I am booked in to go see my ford garage on Friday because of a child lock malfunction message showing on my new (old) s-max. However a new problem has cropped up and I wanted some advice here first to see if there is any known problems.

On my way home today I suddenly lost all power pulling out on a roundabout it was like I was trying to pull away in 5th (no I wasn't I did check!) and I limped it into a car park a few meters down the road and noticed an error message on the screen which I checked via the menu said Coolant Temp High and confirmed with my bluetooth OBDII using an app on my phone said the coolant temp was 80C.

I stopped the car for a couple of minutes then made it home having the heating on full to help dissipate some of that heat.

When I made it home I checked the coolant level using the indicator on the side of the bottle (its full) and after 10 minutes started teh car back up and OBDII reported the temp at 67C and a quick look under the hood confirmed the fan was running.

My journey home from work involves sitting in solid queue for about 15 to 20 minutes then 20 to 30mph traveling for another 15 minutes before hitting another 2 to 3 minute queue (after which is where I had the problem)

Any ideas? Anyone else had these issues?

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Sounds like a water pump issue to me: zero circulation means your coolant will start to boil eventually and the temp spikes.

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