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Where is MAP and Fuel Rail Sensor Mk2.5??


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I was hoping someone could help show me where the MAP and fuel rail sensor is on a mk2.5 1.6 TDCI engine?

I think I've located the MAP sensor, but have no idea where the fuel rail sensor is?

I've attached a pic of my engine, I hope this helps!


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Oh and I've looked at other pictures of the mk2.5 and they don't seem to have the blue cable and two connectors on the left?

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The fuel rail is behind the engine on these, it's a bit of a pain to get to.  Think you'll probably need to remove the scuttle panel as you do for blanking EGR.

Not sure why those cables are blue, but they are DPF temperature sensors.

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Ahh ok, I had a look last night without removing the scuffle plate, but all I could see was the egr cooler but no sign of any connectors.

Do you know which is the MAP sensor? I thought it might be this on the left of the blue cables...


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Looks like I was sent the wrong harness for the Spider tuning box...

Thanks for your help, much appreciated!

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