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Is my Mondeo Rare??

Mark V6

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Hi, can anyone tell me if my Mondeo is Rare?

 I have a 2001 Mk 3 Mondeo 2.5 V6 Ghia x saloon with a Zetec S body Kit,  I have only ever seen a hand full of saloon Ghia X's and they have been the 2.0L versions. I've spoken to a few people in the trade and the auctions and nobody has seen another one like mine, they have seen some 2.5 V6 Ghia X hatches, plenty of estates but no saloons, let alone with a Zetec S body kit. So maybe it is rare??

Do any of you guys know of another one? or do I have an only child?





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The saloons didn't sell as many as the hatch,not many ghia x have the skirts and spoiler as they didn't come out the factory with these fitted and are retro fitted... I see yours is a 04 reg with pre- facelift alloys..did you fit the zs bumpers yourself.. I've seen a couple of tdci ghia x mondeos which have had the zs bumpers fitted by there owners..nice upgrade...

does your ghia x have the 8 way passengers seat along with the driver's 8 way? I think only 53 to 05 reg ghia x had this...

Have you done any other mods...nice looking V6 you got there fella... Being Colorado red and having a sunroof make it pretty rare as it is.. is it a facelift..the preface Ghia x had sunroofs as standard but on the facelift this became a £500 option with an added waiting time too so it isn't popular on the facelift ghia x...

Love Ghia x mondeos I've had 3....currently driving a 55 reg gx.....:)

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It is a 2001 on a Y plate, I brought it back in 2008  as far as I know its factory fitted the body kit, sun roof, air con?? didn't understand why it had both air con and sun roof together but saves petrol when its hot, just open the roof... The dealer reckoned it may have been a demonstrator?? but it didn't make much difference to me as it was love at first sight... sad i know...;)

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My Dad's got a Y reg V6 Ghia X estate, I'm sure that's got both a sunroof and AC, unless that was a previous Mondeo (he's had loads lol).  I also thought it was a bit odd though, it's not saving fuel to open the roof as it causes more drag so might as well use the AC for anything over about 30mph lol.

It may well have been a demo, I'm fairly sure my Focus was, I haven't seen another 1.6TDCi with full leathers, Xenons and tints, but it is one of the first facelift models so makes sense to be a demo... 

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I was wondering who I could contact at Ford (If anybody) to find out what actually it did have fitted when it left the factory or if the mods were done by one of the two previous owners? I'm sure Ford must have records of every car they have produced and sold? but haven't got a clue who to contact? or whether this sort of data is available to the public?

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Just look on ETIS...that info/spec list is publicly available for free. :smile: 


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cheers I'll have a look and see what I can find out........

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Hi, had a look on ETIS and found this....




VIN Number:   WF******************************
Registration Number:   Y504FEX
First Registration Date:   31.05.2001
Registration Country:   GB
Primary Features
Build Date:   02.03.2001
Vehicle Line:   Mondeo 2001-2007
Body Style:   4 Door Saloon
Version:   Series 50
Engine:   2.5L Duratec EFI (170PS)
Transmission:   5-Speed Manual Trans - MTX75
Drive:   RHD FWD
Axle Ratio:   3.82
Emission:   Stage IV Emissions
Air Conditioning:   Automatic Air Conditioning
Territory:   (+)"GB"
Paint:   Colorado Red
Interior Colour:   Ebony Interior
Interior Fabric:   Leather

Minor Features

  •  Genk Plant Build
  •  Less Dress Up RSO
  •  X Pack
  •  With Electronic Stability Control
  •  Spare Wheel Warning Sticker
  •  Power Front Windows One Touch Down
  •  Power Rear Window One Shot Up/Down
  •  With Heated Windscreen
  •  With Monotone Instrument Panel
  •  Electric Operated Rear View Mirror
  •  Dual Power Heated Exterior Mirrors
  •  With Drivers Heated Seat
  •  With Heated Passenger Seat
  •  With Driver 2 Way Mnl. Seat Adjust
  •  With Driver 2 Way Pwr.Seat Adjuster
  •  With Driver 8 Way Pwr.Seat Adjuster
  •  With Pass 2 Way Manual Seat Adjust
  •  Less Programmable Driver Seat
  •  Less Trailer Coupling
  •  With Heated Washer Jet
  •  With Headlamp Washer/Wiper
  •  Power Tilt/Slide Sun Roof
  •  Air Curtain Restrnt LH
  •  Air Curtain Restrnt RH
  •  Deployable Anti-W'Lash Restr
  •  With Smart Drivers Airbag Restraint
  •  With Smart Passngr Airbag Restraint
  •  With Side Air Bag - Drivers Side
  •  With Side Air Bag - Passenger Side
  •  Spare Wheel - Mini Steel
  •  With Standard Rear Shock Absorbers
  •  17 X 6.5 9x2 Spoke Alloy Wheel
  •  205/50R 17 89W BSW Tyres
  •  Limited service Mini Spare Tyre
  •  With Standard Suspension
  •  4 Wheel Anti-Lock Braking System
  •  With Anti-Spin Traction System
  •  Filter Cowl Intake - Odour
  •  With Speed Control
  •  Less Fuel Computer
  •  Less Reverse Proximity Sensor
  •  With Perimeter Anti-Theft
  •  6006 CD Auto-Changer
  •  Ice Feature Pack 10
  •  Less Diversity Antenna
  •  CD Storage Box
  •  With 4 Speakers
  •  Less Family Entertainment System
  •  Less Column Stalk Radio Controls
  •  With Column Stalk Radio Controls
  •  High Intensity Discharge Headlamp
  •  With Front Fog Lamps
  •  Less Headlamp Levelling
  •  With Automatic Headlamp Control
  •  With Instrument Panel Dimmer Switch

looks like it came out of the factory as is.....  which is cool, as I would like to keep it as original as possible.. next job try to find out how many were made like mine?


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Very nice car - might be worth considerably more in 20-30 years time??

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Love the colour!  I've never seen one of that specification in my life so would say it is rare (at least in North East Scotland).

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hope you keep in garage to keep it in tip top shape

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