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New Fiesta Owner


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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased and became the proud owner of a '15 plate 100ps Fiesta Zetec in blue, with less than 3000 miles on the clock (to this day at least)!

I did test drive a lot of cars before I came to the decision based upon budget, performance, handling and specification.

I've read that a lot of people remap the 100ps to 125ps at the expense of low-end torque (plus the 125ps model comes with a 6-speed box, I'm not sure how well the 125ps engine goes with a 5-speed box) but to save my insurance getting a nice slice of money out of me, I'm going to keep it as standard...mostly. I plan to do the following to the car:

1). Get parking sensors fitted to rear and front (Cheaper than getting it done at a dealership).

2). Purchase a roof rack (for my bike rides - again cheaper than the dealership option).

3). Adding DAB

4). Front and back dash cams - a must nowadays I think, no offense intended to anyone, but I'm sure everyone will agree that there are a lot of crazy drivers, riders & pedestrians about.

I have a few queries mind:

1). Curtain airbags are supposedly a standard fit on newer Fiesta models (an expensive option on VAG cars); but I'm not sure if my Zetec will include these and if I should have a tag indicating these are fitted - I don't have the tags/stamp on my headlining as I have on my steering wheel, dashboard and seats. Not a deal breaker though, just a query.

2). What have other owners added or change on their Fiesta to enhance their enjoyment of it?

3). What dashcams are recommended and where are you fitting them?


Thanks for reading :)

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Hi & welcome :cool:

Purchasing a roof rack was the best decision I have made makes going mountain biking so much easier.

Seems odd that DAB is not standard now.


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