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Don't shops rip you off,from shop to shop.


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I was amazed with a few things i got from Asda,i do tend to stick to Branded names.

Went to asda (only a few items i looked at) i got a tin of pink salmon ''princess' £2.70 normal price,offer price is £1,its around £2.70 at all supermarkets.

There is a few other stuff that i noticed,went into our £1 shop and same salmon and yes £1.

Weird how they can make profit on it for £1,we live in a rip off world these days.

Just had to share this as it confused me.



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Just shocked me with £1.70 difference.

I don't have a massive shop being just me and dad so this is why i like branded makes,even the 6 bag of crisps and corn beef in the tin,not only pence

its £1 plus,because only me and dad that i look after i can stick to branded side as only do small shopping week.


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I tend to buy whichever brand is on offer myself lol. 

They won't always be making a profit on hugely discounted items, but can drop the price as you'll most likely buy other stuff while you're there.  Places like Poundland and B&M can buy massive quantities to stick in storage as they don't have so many different items.  Not sure if you ever watched any of the supermarket 'secrets' shows, but I found them pretty interesting, how they try to sell people certain items and how easily led us humans are!

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Yes mate i did watch that,seeing i do all the shopping now for the last 5 years its strange.

I have to pick and choose what i get because i have to look at ingredients so i stick to the same make,less hassle and time.

Might be a strange topic but just spotted that the other day,so you would say the like of £1 shop have a better/larger storage than the top supermarkets.


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