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One last insurance question.


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This is regarding insurance for a focus st170 2003, I'll try keep this short.

So I'm due for renewal on my insurance and have just bought an st170, my insurance company(aviva) gave me a renewal price  of £2100 but when I went on to their website and put the exact same details I gave the person on the phone the quote came in at £1130, so my question would be: would I be able to just take the quote number wait for my current insurance to run out and then just ring up and give them that quote?

Is there any way they could get out of that quote because I was an existing customer and they tried taking me for a renewal of nearly £1000 more?

Would I have to tell them I was even an existing customer?

I just find it hard to believe they can make an offer like that when 80% of the companies I talked to wouldn't insure me with that car because I only have been driving for a year and the rest wanted a black box fitted. 

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They should be able to match it. If not, just cancel and take out the new policy through them online. You'll also be able to get cashback from quidco then!

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