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Fiesta 2007 1.6 tdci "Glowplug Circuit A Malfunction"


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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help, my Fiesta Zetec S tdci is in limp mode and stating Engine System Fault.  Ive had my friend plug his diagnosis equipment in to get a clearer picture of the problem and it has pulled up "Glowplug Circuit A Malfunction".  Ive changed the glowplug relay today hoping this will be the issue but ive had no joy.  I was wondering whether the fault would clear its self once fixed or will it need to be plugged back in to clear it?  Also if the relay is not the issue whats the next step I should take?  I'm hoping its not the actual glowplug as ive been told they have a tendency to snap!


Thanks for any help, Dean

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hey, sorry for the delay, just to let anyone who reads this know it ended up been the actual glowplugs.  Luckily they came out without issue, lubed up the plugs, then heated up the engine, took my time and carried on lubing up the plugs as I went and they came out fine.  Soon as the plugs were changed the car was perfect 

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Thanks for letting us know, good to hear you got them out ok, I did some last week and first 3 came out easy enough, number 1 cyl was tight all the way out, I had everything crossed hoping it didnt snap. I was lucky this time.

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3 hours ago, Mark Braithwaite said:

WEre is the glow plug relay on a fiesta mk7 tdci 1.6

According to the owners manual it's in the engine bay fusebox. 


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