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New from yorkishire


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Hi there my name is Shaun and just got my self a mondeo 2003 2ltr tdci 130 Lx in silver the other day,so far I've had to do the brake pipes at the rear and rear springs so far and now the egr to intercooler pipe let's hope that's all for now,I'm from Huddersfield and joined this forum as been told it's the best and full of helpful information and help when needed,I also own a Toyota landcruiser 95 series but looking at selling it due to children grown up now so not in need of all the seats and room hence the purchase of the Mondeo.il get some photos up as soon as it's been cleaned as abit dirty at the mo,I used to do detailed valeting on classic cars until I had an accident with an angle grinder now I'm awaiting for my hand to get ok before I return to it.

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Thanks for the welcoming 👍🏻

Sorry only detailed them,helped out abit with interiors and other bits but really enjoyed it you learn a lot on classics.

well today got it all back together and thought I'd test drive it,and you would never guess what happened,front n/s spring broke,what a job so far getting the bottom arm down to get the ball joint out was a nightmare,spring comes tomorrow lets hope it goes back easier,fingers crossed.

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