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Very short trips/good or bad??


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I have the 1.6 tit 2011 and had it it 18 months but i only do very short trips and cant do a thing about it.

Is this doing the car any good,my month miles is around 100 miles if that and if i hit £25 on a fill up every month im lucky.

Its only used for local shop,i look after my elderly dad 24/7 and i do try and give it a blast in the gears when i go out but being local

and normal (30) roads its hard as slow roads,some times it could be stuck under the car port for a good 2 solid days with no use,only done 24k just turning.

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Well, petrol is better then diesel for short journeys so that is something! Not being on long enough to warm up properly could eventually damage things, frequent oil changes may help reduce the risk. - If you look in the filler cap and can see white creamy stuff, this is because the oil is not getting hot enough to burn off the moisture in the air. This is more noticeable in winter, but a long run should clear most of it. If this is left to build up, then it degrades the effectiveness of the oil, and so can eventually damage engine parts. 

The other thing could be your battery may not last as long as it should, as it car may not be running for long enough to keep it charged. 

There may be other issues, but that is what I can think of just now. 

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As has been said, battery could be an issue.

I do lots of short journeys but take the car out for a run every other week.

Even if you only go out once a month, get the engine up to temp, give it a few blasts to clear things out a bit.

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It gets hot when i go shopping say once a week but still only say 2 or so miles there and same back but heater blows hot.

As for the oil it all ways gets 2 oil changes every 6 months,one on main service at Ford and 1 at my local Chemix auto centre garage.

I wish i could give it a good blast once a month as i did use to go twice in a week like 20mile round trip but being dad is older then other things crop up

I only asked and when i had the car i said to the dealer I hope it aint been drove mad and he said its better to be driven to its limit rather than very slow.

I was just thinking where do you draw the line as i do give a bit when i can and im never a slow driver like change before on 2 grand on the revs.


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