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Please could someone in the know help me with this problem.

My 2009 1.6 tdci ford fiesta zetec s has been running lumpy and having checked the injectors it appears number two is not functioning at all. It's in the garage now but they are having to get a specialist out to remove the injectors as they just will not budge using the slide hammer.

I'm thinking worse case senario here that if it turns out to be a compression issue rather than just a new injector I may be left looking for a replacement engine.

I've been looking around and there appears to be a few engines that look the same and even from the same year of car but they appear to have different engine numbers and injector codes. 

Can anyone please tell me if these engine will work with my existing ecu should I need a new engine.

Also. These engines are common in Peugeots aswell. Would one of these work if I were to change over the fuel pump? 

My existing engine number starts with HHJC 

And my injectors codes are 0445110 239

Finally. Anyone know of any engines that would match which are for sale???

Many thanks in advance guys. 

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if theres a concern about compression, why doesnt the garage do that before tugging the injector out? 

but my guess is injector well known to pack up, must be tight in, ive allways managed to get them out with a bit of pursuasion rotationally without a slide hammer. 

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If it's under warranty then don't worry, it's their problem to find and fit an engine if it needs one. Don't let them fob you off with excuses.

Or get your money back and go elsewhere for a better car.

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