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Been in an accident, can I choose where to get my car repaired?

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Yesterday someone in a toyota yaris cut me up on a roundabout because they where in the wrong lane. Cut straight across me at the last second an hit my front left wing. Took details etc and I decided as my car is only 6 months old, pretty much brand new, I'd go through insurance to get the repair sorted out properly. Now I'm 100% confident that I'm not at fault as this other driver was in the wrong lane and made no attempts to look or signal and I have dash cam footage to support this so I'm not dabating that.

I'm with Churchill insurance, they're wanting to arrange the repair with UK Assist based in Wakefield. I can't find much about UKassist online so these are my questions -

  • Does anyone know if UK Assist are ford approved?
  • If they repair my car instead of a ford dealer will this void my warranty? (if they are or are not ford approved)
  • As I am not at fault would I be within my rights to ask for my car to be repaired at the ford body shop in Guiseley where I bought my car from?

I've used UKassist with my old car and they did a really good job at fixing it but my new car, with it being brand new I'd be much more comfortable having a ford garage carry out the repairs.

Damage is cosmetic only as far as I can tell - Wing needs replacing as well as the plastic in the wheel arch, alloy wheel is fine. Front bumper where it meets the wing has been damaged as well as the fog light surround.

I will be delaying the repairs (at the advice of my insurers) until we have an admission of fault by the other driver anyway as I have a high excess due to only being 23 (£650 :O)


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You have the right to choose any garage you want and especially if a nominated one is not at a convenient location for you.

Having the work done at a dealership is a good idea to ensure oem parts are used and for preservation of all warranties.

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usually there is an extra excess to pay if wanting to use a different repairer to the one your insurance company wants you to use, it will be in your policy documents

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Checked my insurance documents and all it says is that if I choose to get it repaired at a place of my own choice then they'd need an estimate of costs to repair before authorising it so I'm assuming I can pick where I want but they pu ta 5 year guarantee on the repairs at their place.

Worrying thing is it also states that if it's more cost effective they will use third party parts that are not from the vehicle manufacturer and may be recycled if its more cost effective... which im not really too happy about to be honest.

Any thoughts on if it'd void any warranty with ford? I may find out tomorrow anyway when I give dealer a call

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51 minutes ago, alexp999 said:

Just call ford accident management helpline. Its on their website. They liase with your insurer to have it repaired by a ford approved accident repair centre.

Didn't know about that, looked it up. I'll give them a call tomorrow :-D Cheers!

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