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Long Pry Bar


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Evening all,

So I've been finding that mines not long enough recently...  But pretty surprised how expensive the longer ones are!  Anyway, I do need to invest in one as I've got a few jobs coming up that will be far easier with a ~3ft/90cm pry bar for bottom ball joints etc.

Ideally want one with a handle rather than a claw hook at the other end.  Don't want to spend much but obviously want one that isn't going to snap on the first use.

So any preferred makes or a link to one would be great??  Online or instore, either is fine.


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I got a set of four pry bars ranging from the small 25cm, 50cm, 75cm and the longest is 1M all with handles, from the local motor factor a few years ago.  I vaguely recall paying £35

When I need more leverage, a scaffold pole will fit comfortably over the handle of the 1M pry bar:laugh:

If you just want the one, Laser have a 900mm with a handle


and Clarke have a 900mm wrecking bar type


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3 hours ago, TomsFocus said:

More leverage than 1m?  What are trying to remove lol!?

The Astra's rear axle when changing the the bushes, it was supposed to drop down once the bolts were removed: it didn't. The 1M pry on it's own made little difference but with scaffold pole extension, it was eased out with little resistance.

Here's a slightly cheaper Franklin Tools one eBay, seller does accept best offer too


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1 hour ago, stef123 said:

Your just needing some more muscle and a few more Chinese takeaways lol. 

More muscle would be good, not sure I can buy that for £20 posted though. :laugh: 

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