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Car being targeted


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Hi. I've recently purchased a 56 plate Focus ST2 . I previously had a mondeo MK4 with no trouble. Has anybody else found that they are a target for theft? I appreciate i live in the Manchester outskirts but up till now I've had my front grille ripped off to steal the ST badge. The locking nuts were removed one night and all the other nuts were loose. It appeared they couldn't get a jack underneath to lift the car. I've also had an issue in supermarket car parks where my car will not lock with the remote. I looked it up and it appears thieves can get jammer for the fobs. It says in the manual that the alarm has pressure sensors so I'm not sure how somebody could attempt to get the wheels off without the alarm going off. 

Has anybody else had trouble like this? Somebody I work with has had similar problems.but they actually got their wheels off. 

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Not had anything stolen off a car for years! But I'd suggest buying an in good car camera CCTV system, a set which has a camera to the front & camera to the rear, camera's got to be fish eye lens though, so they record all around! A friend has a set and he's got his wired up so it records 24/7 it has a high capacity SD memory card, the camera runs a loop system that after 8 hours it records over itself.

Also a crazy deterrent is to take a photo of your face & partners face and have the face images printed off at 1 to 1 scale, fit the faces to card and then thread elastic through them, making a face mask.... not to wear mind you, but to fit on the head rests of the car looking outwards!! Any strange person looking in at a car from ten metres gives the illusion that someone is sat in the car and the scum bags think twice....lol

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