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Sync Audio Not Working. Please Help !!

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Ok so here is my problem.


Randomly, my sync audio just stopped working. The radio audio is fine but when I try to connect my iPhone up to the sync feature so I can play music from my phone or make handsfree calls etc I don't have any audio.


The phone is pairing via bluetooth to the sync feature and it says both on the phone and on my dashboard that the song is playing and it is paired but I am getting no sound and similarly when I try to phone someone I am getting no audio.


I did a master reset of sync, paired it up again and same issue. Still no audio.


I have a 2016 ecoboost 1L fiesta if that helps.

Please someone help me !

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Have you tried using the aux in with your phone?

Also, probably won't make a difference, have you tried using an phone that's difference than yours i.e. android/iOS/windows phone.

Mine sometimes has similar problem, but that's mainly because I use Spotify to play music and no sound comes through if I haven't opened the app in a while.

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I've found that if you turn off your ignition. Unplug the sync fuse (refer to manual) wait 30 seconds, turn the engine on, wait 30 seconds, turn back off, plug fuse back into correct fuse slot, turn engine back on. It should work? 


This is up to you if you do this. (I can't remember if I did this part or not) Clear your BT DEVICES in your fiesta menu prior to  removing the sync fuse and set them to be forgotten from your phone too. Then re-pair them back up once the aforementioned steps are complete. 


Hope this helps. 

You might find your sync playing up once every 3month or so... 

Mine does. And many others do... But it won't become a pest... 


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sorry to bump an old thread but could someone tell me the fuse number for the sync in a 13 plate focus please? the handbook doesn't actually say sync but there's one that says audio unit and another for something similar, at work at the moment and don't have the book handy, from what i've read on here it's either 64 or 79 i think they were, also what's an easy way to remove the fuse as it's quite fiddly to get to with just my fingers, thanks in advance

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