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Urgent Help Needed - Fault Codes


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Hi all

I have just done the diagnostics check through the dashboard on my focus mk3 and the car has thrown up 6 fault codes.

I need urgent help to understand what the codes are and what they mean.

c140_00 - 1st dtc

c121_00 - 2nd dtc

1607_82 - 3rd dtc (there was no letter on the dash)

c151_00 - 4th dtc

c214_00 - 5th dtc

1607_87 - 6th dtc (once again not letter)


I am really concerned something is wrong with my car, my blufin reader finds no codes when i do a search but direct from the car all these show up.


Does anyone know what each of these mean and what is the cause


Thanks in advance

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If your bluefin finds nothing, I'd unplug your batter for an hour to clear them or use your bluefin to clear any DTc codes, and then take it for a drive, if they come back, you have a problem, if not, then they could just be residual codes that never have been cleared.

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2 minutes ago, sean.kerwin said:


See here

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Thank you so much for finding this.


seems to be the same codes as mine.


Will disconnecting the battery wipe these codes of will it have to a trip to the main dealers and will leaving these codes as they are cause any issues

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1 hour ago, Michael1000 said:

Hi, I have the exact same issue as this on idle too and the same codes. Did you ever resolve?

After the OP waited 5 years for an answer they bought a new car 🤣

Use FORScan and get the proper DTC's then start a new thread in the Focus forum and I'm sure someone will help.

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