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cars in the garage questions

victor jones

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Hi my car has a air leak in the fuel line it would draw fuel back into tank maybe once a month and cut out once started no big deal i would prime the fuel pump leave it and it would start first time.

but as it happened once a month i got fustrated and changed the fuel filter to diagnose the problem.

on changing the filter i noticed the feed fuel line was not standard and had collapsed into it's self.

so i called breakdown out and got them to put it in a garage on sunday.

i got a call from the garage on monday who told me they do a 30 min max diagnosis and then price the job then get back to me with the quote price.

but i was told what i already know and asked them if they would cut new hoses or order ford parts

i was told the would have to have another look at the car and do another diagnosis but could not do another 30 mins diagnosis until thursday.

although they did not answer my question about replacing the fuel lines with standard or cut to fit fuel hoses as this will have to be done anyway.

i am just a little concerned about the wait for another 30 min diagnosis then being told to wait again.

can anybody tell me if they have come across this because it's a new one to me

before i say anymore i am not here to slag of any companys i wont name any company or garage on here

simply because i took up mechanics on motorbikes and never really used garages but only for the car but something seems not right.



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Sounds like BS to me lol.  Another 30 minutes to look at some hoses that are staring you in the face!? 

I assume the 30 min diags is 'free' so fitted in around paid work with that taking priority, but I wouldn't wait for it personally.

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yeah i am a little confused why they would not answer my question regarding the fuel hose that needs replaced the ford hose cost £90

but a peice of diesel hose cost £5 the feed fuel line is not under pressure i checked this in my haynes manual.

i could easly replace the fuel lines myself

but my car was boxed in all week by other cars parked around it so had to wait till sunday to even move the car for recovery

as it is parked on a 40mph road i was not going to start working on it on the side of a road.


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Crikey, that's a lot for a hose lol!  I reckon they'll just use some of the cheaper stuff as they wouldn't say but you'll need to confirm that before they start.  If they put their own markup on the genuine Ford part it'll be a nice earner for them!

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yeah thats my concern we are talking a 2003 fiesta 1.4 tdci  lol with 117.000 miles on it

the old thing has had a hard life some neds put a wine bottle tru the window and i just paid for that and put new tyres on it and a new drum

so if they hit me with a big bill i will take it off them and do the work myself as i have a drive way but could not move my car

because the people parking around it.

might phone my insurance and ask for a courtasey car because the recovery company/ garage are taking there time

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just a update on my issue garage told me car needs a new fuel line system this is the system thats sits under the air box the lines with the fuel pump primer i have been told they need to remove the fuel tank for this and the price will be £425  as will need 3 hours labour

should i get a second opinion on this

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