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Is It Just Me

Stuart jj

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I'm probably going get slated here :unsure:


I know I don't post that much but that's cause I don't really know much regarding the car etc but if can help or pay a compliment I will..


It just does my head in with the amount of people who are joining up lately just to sell there tat/cars,,, thing is they don't even have the decency to introduce themselves in the members section... They have the one and only post in the sales section with no pic or hardly any description 


Rant over and I'll go hide in the corner now.. :wink3:

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1 hour ago, Turvey said:

Should introduce a minimum time/post count before being allowed sales posts. It seems to work on other car sites. 

Makes a lot of sense and like you say works quite well...

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I agree with you but what really irritates me is they put on the welcome thread.  Asking about their car etc.  It's a welcome thread not a can you hekp me thread, that's why I never go on that part of the forum anymore

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