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Before we start can people please reframe from the 'you should have bought a 1.8 or a 2ltr' answers. Cheers.

Hello im looking for some recommendations for some performance upgrades on my 09 mk2 1.6 petrol focus.

intrested in a new

Air filter

Cat exhaust

Bolt on turbo

Hp chip

Looking to spend up to £300 on each.

Will also look at a remap in the future. Im aware that these upgrades will increase my insurance but looking to add 100-120 bhp.

Cheers adam

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turbo will require major engine rebuilt / new engine management / intercooler etc etc.........  =  mega £££

all the other upgrades , exhaust - air filter - chip will probably net you an extra 20 bhp.

shoulda got an ST for the other extra 100 bhp youre after.........


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overwhelming responce is going to be what you didnt want to hear unfortunatly, and i agree with the other posts.

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Why not just save up and get an actual st. There is only soo much you can do with a 1.6 body to put in an ST engine you need the other things as well when you spend all that you would have been better off just selling your 1.6 adding the money spent and get an ST that is from the start you know high performance

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