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Help any advice please

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I've got a 61 plate focus tdci 

its been absolutely fine until today 

it turns over fine but won't fire up    ( start ) all it dose is turn over it doesn't even try to start 

I've checked all the fuses and all connections and it got 3/4 of a tank of Shell v power diesel 

has anyone got any ideas  

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14 hours ago, Ian maysey said:

Could it be the egr valve

Very unlikely. On start up, all the air is normal (not low oxygen exhaust), so it makes no difference whether egr is open or closed. If it misfired or stalled afterer firing up, it could be egr sticking open.

I think you need to run some diagnostic scans. Any lights up?

Will try to give some more info this pm, out of time now!


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7 hours ago, Ian maysey said:

there's no lights coming up / staying on 

The most likely cause I can think of is lack of fuel to the engine. Could be a damaged hose, allowing air in, and the fuel to drain back to the tank. Or the tank pump (if fitted, the mk2 1.6TDCI has one, normally, not sure about the mk3 1.6TDCI). Or a blockage.

You could try undoing the vent valve usually found on top of the fuel filter, with the ignition on. Fuel or air should come out if the tank pump is operating.

There is a fuse for this pump, should be listed in the owner's manual. Petrol engines have an inertial shut-off switch for the tank pump, but diesels normally do not, again manual might have a hint. (it is usually in the passenger footwell somewhere, if present.

Problems with the high pressure pump are not easy for diy diagnosis or repair unless you are experienced,  so are a garage job probably.

Most electrical problems (from crank sensor to faulty pcm) I would expect to give a warning light on. An injector fault would still fire up, but not run well. Glowplugs: On this car I suspect it would light a warning light, on my car it will start fine without them anyway in this weather.

Immobiliser: I would expect the LED to flash rapidly with the ignition on, and normally it will not crank at all.

Major engine problem: Valves etc: Unlikely to suddenly just appear without some prior symptoms.

So that seems to just leave the fuel system.

It is just possible there could be diagnostic codes stored in it, without the warning light on. A system using an ELM327 & Forscan provides an excellent diy diagnostic check, I can give more info (or just search this site) if you are interested.

If you have any other information, please post here. If you have no manual, try:


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Cheers for the advice tdci Peter very much appreciated

I called out the  rac they couldn't get it started after half hr he plugged in the diagnostic and found the problem

cheers again for the time and    effort  and the replys 

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I would be interested to know what the garage found.

I am still hoping that the problem is on the low pressure side of the main pump, ie no fuel to the pump.

However a thread on this site suggested injector problems for P2291. Too much leakage to the leak off port that returns fuel to the tank. This would reduce the pressure at the pump outlet. Also P02CF & P02DF are specific to injectors: "Offset at max limit". So it does look like at least 2 injectors are worn out or damaged.

I do not understand what the Oxygen sensor error is doing there (HO2S), hopefully just a side effect.

The U code could just be a result of the diagnostics check process.

If it is not too late, check that the garage investigates the injectors before the pump, though I am pretty sure they will.



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The garage had the car 5-6 weeks re placed to injectors we got it back last night it's running like a bag of !Removed! and the Engine is rattling like hell we u have got ur foot on the throttle 

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1 hour ago, Ian maysey said:

re placed to injectors we got it back last night it's running like a bag of !Removed! and the Engine is rattling like hell

You need to run diagnostic checks again. Your have some options, but none of them are ideal.

Get a scanner, and find out how to read & interpret the codes.

Go to a Ford dealer or diesel specialist for checks.

Take it back to the garage that did the job.

A basic OBD2 scanner is dead easy to use, and will show most engine related codes. But a system like Forscan can probe deeper. It can also monitor engine sensors like the fuel rail pressure. But it needs a bit of technical knowledge to use.

It could just be that the new injectors have not been coded to the PCM. This calibrates the injectors, and if this is badly out, the engine will be rough, as the injectors will be delivering unequal amounts of fuel. The Ford IDS system can do this (did the garage have that?), Forscan can also do it.

An injector could have been damaged, eg by dirt allowed in to the fuel pipes, during assembly. A leak back test, which is a relatively simple operation, might help show this. The small, low pressure, return pipes from each injector are disconnected, and fed into measuring jars, to compare the returned fuel from each one.

Any hissing or chuffing sounds from the area near the injectors when the engine is running? That would be leaks where the injectors go into the head, and would affect compression ratio, maybe enough to give rough running.

It is possible air is being drawn into the fuel system prior to the main pump. Leaks or damage to the fuel filter housing or the pipe to the pump, could do this.

There could be another fault, eg the Fuel pump which did show up on the RAC diagnostic, but it was assumed the low pump pressure was caused by the faulty injectors. A leak back test before the injector change might have tested this.

Other faults could have been introduced during the work, damaged sensors (MAF, MAP, etc).

You may well have a claim against the garage that did the work, but without some independent verification, it would be very difficult to prove it. Something obviously went wrong during the job, from the time it took.

It is sad to hear about yet another possibly bodged job by a garage.


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