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Focus interior LED lighting

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Hi all,

My first post outside of the introductory area! Recently bought a 1.6 Petrol Focus (and a Ford Puma, but that's a different story) and looking to do some simple mods with the first being interior lighting.

My research so far has led to me to http://www.ledglow.com/ and their 4 piece kit http://www.ledunderbody.com/7-Color-4pc-LEDGlow-LED-Interior-Lights-Lighting-Kit.aspx.

I understand this is an American company but does anyone have hands on experience with their products??

Other than that, it's just buying an LED strip and cutting lengths off to size.

Just wandering where to wire it all into, Fuse box with external ON / OFF switch, or piggyback off interior dome lights, or sidelights??

Anybody who has experience, or a link to share, a WIKI it would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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If you use the search facility, you will find many topics on this subject. Especially look at the guides section.

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Since i've got you hooked, i've noticed my Focus, very handed-ly, thanks to the topic you linked had the bulb holders and wiring already installed. I've ordered some LED Bulbs to fit, but if they're not sufficient and I wanted to go down the LED strip route have you got any tips??

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