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Bluetooth Audio Streaming via Mobile Phone to Sony CDX6 Radio


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I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to give me some advice on this.

I have recently purchased a Mondeo Titanium X (registered 08.01.2010 according to the Ford Etis site) and the specification says, "BT/VC Phone Interface Only".  I understand that this means bluetooth and Active Voice Control and I have no problem connecting my phone to the Sony DAB Radio 6 CD Stereo (detailed as "High Level CDX6 + AM/FM + DAB on Etis).

What I would like to know is, can I listen to music from my mobile using bluetooth audio streaming?  I've been looking on the forums and have read a number of posts that discuss the Bluetooth module and checking the part number of the module to ensure it is the correct one but to be honest I'm a bit confused by some of this.  For one, how do I know what the part number is for the module I currently have? Is there a website where I can enter the reg or VIN of the car that would give me a complete parts breakdown?

Secondly, I've noticed that I sometimes get a warning message on the HMI saying "bluetooth Audio Muted".  There is no option, from what I can see so far, for selecting Bluetooth audio from any of the menus.  Is the audio muted error related to this?

Finally, what options do I have to remedy this problem?  Ideally I would like to use a USB pen and plug that into a USB port in the car but I'm pretty sure my car doesn't have this option (I think the car spec. would state "BT/VC + USB" or something like that according to some of the other forums that I have read).  How simple is it to fit a USB port into the car?  If this approach is inappropriate, what modifications are required in order to stream audio from the phone to the car via Bluetooth?

I appreciate that this topic has probably been discussed on several occasions but I can't seem to find one that gives me answers to all of my questions.  Please accept my apologies if this is treading over old ground.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Kind Regards,


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