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2002 Fiesta Rocker cover

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Changed the plugs and air filter on my 2002 Fiesta 1.4 engine today and noticed 3 tapped holes (metal inserts in plastic cover)  in the rocker cover. What are these for? should they be left open?

Any info and help welcomed

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7 hours ago, botrys said:

should they be left open?

Check that they don't go right through. (use a bit of wire long enough that it can not drop inside!)

If they do, then they need blocking, or dirt can get into the oil. But they will probably be blind, and be some some option that was not fitted.


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Thanks I'll check if the holes are blind, I'm not sure what could be installed as the air filter covers most of the top of the rocker box and there is not much room between the two

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