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question on mpg


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Hi all. I collected my brand new Kuga titanium 2ltr tdci just two weeks ago and so far it's chewed through £50's worth of diesel. It's only done 365 miles! The trip meter says it's averaging just 39 miles to the gallon. At this rate I may aswell of got a petrol engine!

My question is - is this just 'running in' or this is what I'm to expect from this car?

I've had a diesel ford before (Fusion 1.6 tdci) and always got 50-60mpg but I can't remember if it drank more fuel to begin with. 

I'm not a girl racer by any means and my trips out in it have varied from long journey's and the odd short trip - nothing unusual. I had a nissan Juke 1.5 diesel before this and averaged 55mpg in that. My driving style hasn't changed but what I have noticed is the accelarator pedal on the Kuga is very over sensitive.

Have I saddled myself with a gas guzzler?

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My 2009 Kuga AWD is doing around 42mpg on mixed driving - going easy on the throttle. I think your mpg will improve as the car engine "beds in"

I use the Govt. urban figure as a guide - is yours 2 or 4 wheel drive, manual or auto?

A 2WD powershift 2 litre diesel 148bhp has an urban figure of 46mpg

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45 will be the most you see from a 2.0 tdci Kuga. 39 sound about right on average.

Kuga is bigger than both a Fusion and Juke, weighing around 200-300 kg more.

2.0 TDCI is also a higher performance engine than the 1.5 and 1.6 which are aimed at being more frugal.

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