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Am I considered a mechanic ? here is what I can do ....

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I am 24, have had no mechanic apprenticeship, no college training in the motor industry, I have done several jobs at present and all of which I have self taught myself,  here is what I have replaced so far on my car/s 


. Radiator

.Steering arms

.Track rod ends

.radiator hoses

.Engine + transmission  flush and fluid replacement

.air filter removal and replacement

.MAF replacement 

.car batteries

.+ maybe some other moderate jobs I may have forgotten about 



I would just like to know if currently I have the honor of being able to call myself or have other people know me as being a  mechanic ? 




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All pretty basic stuff to do if your competent average car owner. But to call your self a mechanic, Your a long way short my friend. Modern cars are very technical.now days with complex engine management systems.

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On 08/09/2016 at 0:08 AM, TomsFocus said:

Unless you're fully qualified as, or in full time work as, a mechanic, you can't give yourself that title...

I put a plaster on earlier, doesn't make me a Doctor. :wink: 

Although I dare say it makes you more qualified than half the doctors at my local hospital... :unsure:

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As mentioned, no you can't really give yourself the title... but....

Seen as you have done these things, if you were to do an apprenticeship or course you would maybe find it easier than others? 

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