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Torque Settings Focus MK1 1.6 Petrol Zetec Exhaust Manifold To Flexi Coupler


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Hello all,

Would any of you good natured Ford Owners be able to advise me of the torque settings for the exhaust manifold please?  Are the nuts copper alloy? The flexi coupler has failed the MOT and I need to change this section of the exhaust, welding a new flexi in is not in my skills set and they're not much cheaper than the whole assembly, but I may be able to manage changing the whole thing.

Any advice from experience of changing this section would also be much appreciated!

P.S. if anyone has a pdf or a link for the red cover Focus 2001-2004 Haynes Manual, I'd really really appreciate it, as I need to get on with this today and can't wait for mail order. (or even a screen shot or scan of the pages covering the exhaust manifold would be very useful and really appreciated)


Thanks and appreciation,

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Exhaust manifold torque = 53Nm or 39lb ft

I haven't had to change mine but I have photographed the relevant sections from the Haynes manual for you, (it's too thick to fit in my scanner)






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