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Fitting a sub to mk7.5 dab radio help!


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Hi Guys,

I am a newbie who is currently waiting on delivery of a new 16 plate fiesta zetec s/st line black edition... the waiting is just painful :schmoll:

I will be looking at installing an active sub to the ford dab sync headunit but cant find any info on how to install one?

Isit something that can be done quite easily? Or takes abit of time? I know im suppose to have a rca converter but have never installed a sub on a non-aftermarket headunit before, so not sure how to wire the converter up.

Cheers for any info that can be provided.

Adam :smile:


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9 hours ago, Paramanic said:

check out my guide i made for fitting a underseat subwoofer :) 


Thanks for that dude :smile:

The piggybacking to the fuse box solution looks good because i wont have to bother with trying to route the power to the battery and the remote to the headunit.

Do i have to cut the original headunit wires when using the rca converter? Or is there another way without doing that.

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When it comes to the rca converter cables, can i not just use scotch locks to attach the amp cabling to the headunit cabling so i dont need to cut any of the wires?

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scotch locks are good in thought but in reality are crap they cut into wire anyway plus after time they loosen mate better to cut into wires the way i shown on my guide as ye can plug them back together anyway haha

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I know this is an old thread, did anyone find away of the sub staying on when you switch off the engine until you open the drivers door like the radio does. 

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