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Gearbox issues??

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Good afternoon everyone. My name is David.

I apologise if there is already a thread for this but I have looked and cant seem to find one.

I am a three week owner of a Ford Fusion 1.6 petrol manual 2003 reg.

I m hoping someone can offer me help or guidance to spend a tonne of money that I may not need to.

I have an intermittent problem where my gear stick suddenly becomes very stiff to change and almost as if it is stuck between gears.

It changes smoothly 70 percent of the time then the gears suddenly become much stiffer to change and the hardest gear change when its like this is 2nd to 3rd. I literally have to force it into neutral sometimes.

I took it to a Halfords autocentre last saturday to have a clutch check and they said the clutch was fine.

was recommended to a gearbox specialist who wants to charge me 200 pounds just to strip the car down!

Has anyone experienced these problems and have any solutions or someone decent they can recommend that will actually look at the car without telling me WITHOUT looking at the car that I need to change the clutch or the gearbox!

I live in cricklewood , London NW2

Im a complete novice when it comes to cars.

Im researching and seeing things like it could be the gear linkage or the whole gearbox. just don't have a clue.

Would appreciate some help and guidance/advice of what to do  as im at my wits end.

So frustrating as it doesn't happen all the time.

Many thanks




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There is an issue with the bush on the selector rod on the front of the gearbox. I've fixed this on several fiestas by simply cleaning up the rod, giving the nylon type bush a quick file and a small dab of grease before reassembling. 

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Hi Stefan

Many many  thanks for your reply.

Is this a straight forward job any mechanic could do?

Did that solve the problem for good?

I'll give that a try.

Thank you again so much



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21 hours ago, stef123 said:

Just realised there was a reply to this thread David,

Yes its a very simple and quick fix. So far it has worked wonders on the Fiestas I have done so far. 

Many many thanks Stefan.

Top Man



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