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Software Upgrade

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Last service of  my 2014 fiesta ecoboost 125 with 6 speed auto box, the dealer without asking my permission has updated the software and reprogrammed the TCM.

The vehicle drives noticeably differently since reprogramming,

It does not want to slow down when the throttle is released, and keeps going until you hit the brake.  

Before reprogramming the throttle response worked well both ways speeding up when you hit the gas, and slowing down when you are off the gas.

In sport mode on a manual downshift, there is no more engine braking, the RPM immediately increases as the gear is shifting to match the speed i am travelling .

I have complained to Dealer who has since twice re-installed the updated software but the problems are still there.

I believe the updated software has changed the operation to save wear on the cutches, thus allowing Ford to increase the warranty to 10 years.

Has anyone else noticed or experienced these issues?  Do i have the right to insist that the dealer revert to the software releases that were in the car when i bought it???  when all said and done the car belongs to me not ford?

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They have effectively carried out a software recall. It's a mandatory field service action which must be carried out when the car is next in with a dealer.

If you found a way of loading the old software it would void the warranty.

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15 hours ago, Joe88888888 said:

Do i have the right to insist that the dealer revert to the software releases that were in the car when i bought it???  when all said and done the car belongs to me not ford?

When we buy a computer with Microsoft, or other proprietary software on it, who does the software belong to? It is just licensed to the computer owner.

We live in an increasingly complex world, where concepts of ownership are going to become more and more nebulous. As more car software becomes safety critical (collision avoidance & autonomous driving), control of software is going to come more & more tightly under the manufacturer's control.

I don't like the sound of that very much!

Any other comments?

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My point here is that the car was running perfectly before the dealer re-programmed it. 

Now i have issues i did not have before i   do not like the upgrade and want the dealer to return it to "as purchased" condition.

I do not believe the dealer has the right to frig with MY car without at least informing me or asking my permission before they did it.

it was running perfectly, no issues or complaints at all, it only went in for a regular maintenance service, and when i got it back i noticed immediately that something had changed.



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The unfortunate thing is if it is classed as a safety update it becomes mandatory that the dealer must update the software on the car. As stated software is solely owned by the manufacturer and they have the right to upgrade vehicles software. It's not right but in the eyes of the law there's nothing much that can be done. If it was not an mandatory safety update then u could have a case. But I'm not sure how it works in finding out or putting your case across. 

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it was done so you you dont break down unexpectedly, thats why, safety related recall. 

after software is updated the clutch has to have its shift drum learnt, both clutch bitting  points learnt . 

the garage is unable and wont revert to a earlier version.

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21 hours ago, Joe88888888 said:

I do not believe the dealer has the right to frig with MY car

You are absolutely right there, the dealer has no right, or say, in this sort of thing.

The dealer is obliged to connect the car to Ford's system, and the system will then say what needs updating. If the dealer did not do it, then Ford would know, and there would be consequences. They could lose their franchise, or even be sued for breach of contract, or something.

Big corporations like Ford or VW AG stand to lose billions of dollars if something safety related or regulatory controlled goes badly wrong, and they are nervous. So they like to keep as much control as possible. Owning and controlling all the software is part of this.

But it is a huge shame that there is not more openness in the system. End users (customers) really should be informed about what has to change, why, and whether there will be noticeable effects. The lack of information flow often ends up backfiring against the corporations in the end.

In the US, a greater degree of openness is enforced, for instance it seems TSBs (Technical service Bulletins) are published. Whereas in Europe, and particularly in the UK, secrecy seems to be the preferred option. It is not good enough!



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If you were to read the paperwork you sign on dropping your car off for the service you will see that there is a specific section that applies to the application of all current software updates.

Once you sign the form you give express permission to the dealership so they are contractually & legally covered.

If you don't give consent then they can't and won't touch the car.

I know it's human nature not to but reading the paperwork thoroughly and questioning anything you don't understand or particularly dislike is your perogative.

If you don't want Ford tinkering then don't let them service the car.

Sent from my SM-G930F

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I know this is nothing to do with safety, it is to do with ford saving money on warranty issues.

My vehicle was running absolutely perfectly before they reprogrammed it, now i have noticeable differences and drive-ability issues that i do not like, and want the vehicle reprogrammed back to the was it was when i bought it.

When i bought it came with 3 years warranty which i was quite happy with. 

 By reprogramming they have altered the timing of the twin clutches and other parameters to "save the clutches and TCM" and in return are offering additional warranty.

I do not care about the additional warranty, i want the predictable performance back as i bought it, i.e. back to factory, does anybody know how to find out what software versions were in the car when it was built.?

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I also make the point that the car as sold to me, with 3 years warranty and the performance that went with it was the deal ford made and i accepted. I am not the one asking for anything else, i just want the car back as i bought it.

I know this is not a safety issue, it is a customer satisfaction program 15B22 to get rid of the issues some people had with the gear shifting and provide additional warranty on the TCM.

I was extremely satisfied with my vehicle as it was before they reprogrammed it, and not anymore, i'm now  fighting the dealership to put back the software to as built condition.

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8 months later after a non stop fighting with the dealership and ford customer care, i have eventually got my car reset back to factory settings. it is now going through its re-learning of my driving style and i already feel i have the car back that i bought.

perseverance payed off.


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