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ford focus electrical issue

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hello,i have a 1.6 tdci focus titanium and i have a couple of problems.the first one is that the audio system has stopped working,ive checked the fuses and can not find anything wrong with them.i also have a problem with the information panel which stays illuminated at all times and i can not get the date past 2006!i had a new battery fitted yesterday because it was knackered but the problems still exist,any suggestions would be greatly received. 

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The date is weird on these!  You have to set it to 11.59pm on 31st Dec 2006 and wait for it to tick over to midnight Jan 1st 2007...then you can scroll through to the actual date. 

It sounds like your stereo is powering up if it's giving you an info display, so what's actually wrong with it?  I assume you've switched it on (on/off lower left side) and made sure it's set to an input (radio for example) and that it's not at volume 0.  I know it sounds daft but I made the same mistake after the battery was off, I hadn't realised the on/off button wasn't the centre button lol. :laugh: 

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