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Needs cheap oil

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10 minutes ago, JoJo2222 said:

So being ford spec doesn't rear let matter then?

To me - for an engine over 10 years old - I'd say no.  I've never used manufacturer specification oils and all my engines have ran perfectly well up to (and over) 200,000 miles.  As I say, it is the frequency of oil changes that it important.  Cheap oil changed every few months is better than expensive oil left in for years.

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I'm looking for approx £25-£30 all in for oil and filter still with 5w30 or 5w40 oil.



I'm  glad to hear this info. Most ford spec oil is £7-£10 more than standard stuff and my old fusion has 130 thou Millie's on her. 

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Some Ford engines do need the decent stuff, 1.6TDCi in particular!

I don't think the 1.4TDCi is too fussy but I personally would stick to it being Ford spec.  Triple QX and a filter from ECP with discount should be less than that easy.

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For your car, I think holds 4.1 litres. You could get triple qx oil and a Bosch oil filter for £26 from eurocarparts just now. That's 'ford' spec oil too.

I have used triple qx oil in a few cars now and some have covered good mileage with no issues. They all get serviced before the manufacturers interval though. 

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