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What does pushing/retracting back a calliper piston mean, and is it neccessary to do this when replacing a front wheel bearing ?

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I am going to replace the front wheel hub bearing on my 2006 ford focus next week, I've never done one before and have never touched brake pads/discs before either so do not know much about those too.

to remove a wheel bearing I understand the calliper has to come off and several people say the calliper piston should be retracted to make the reinstallation process easier.

my questions are.


1. what does the calliper piston look like ( so as I know what I am looking for)

2. what do I use to push back piston and how do I know when to stop pushing it back ??

3. could brake pads fall out if the piston is not pushed back ?

4. is it necessary to push back piston or could I just take off the calliper without doing that ?


thanks !    please answer each question and add any additional info you think I may need. cheers

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