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Instrumentation and Warning faults

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Having problems with various warnings: ESP fault, Engine transmission fault, accelerator reduction. Language switching spontaneously from English to Russian(!?). Have been told that it is probably the instrumentation array wiring. Anyone  any idea if this is so and what will it cost to fix? Thanks

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Until one of our experts can answer the first thing i would check is that all multi plugs on the back of the fuse box are fully pushed home. With them being located in the passenger footwell they are prone to being knocked and causing a multitude of issues. Worth checking the fuse boxes for any water ingress too as again that can cause all sorts of weird problems. 

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14 hours ago, John Rutley said:

ESP fault, Engine transmission fault, accelerator reduction.

Was one of those the lamp with a ! inside a circle? That is usually called the Engine Systems light, and can come on if there are data transmission errors on the busses between modules. 2006 Foci are a bit prone to problems with the Instrument Cluster (IC), and all sorts of lights come on, as it is the central hub of the electronics.

If it is the IC, they can often be fixed for about £100, or less if you know someone who can use a soldering iron. I fixed mine for free. I did a little guide:


A good diagnostic aid like Forscan can help pin problems like this down. I can post more info if wanted.

If you go to a Ford dealer, and it is the IC, they will charge you about £800 for a new one!

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