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Mondeo and SYNC 3 - What is possible?


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Hi everyone,

I am a new owner of a 66 Plate Mondeo with the SYNC 3 Infotainment system. I'm not sure what i am trying to do is possible with the SYNC 3, and wondered whether the forum can offer any guidance or help? The Ford Customer Services Twitter account has been unable to help, suggesting i speak to the dealer where i purchased the car. The trouble is, as it is a lease vehicle, i had no contact with the dealership. Before i bug my local dealer, and potentially make myself look stupid, i thought i would make myself look stupid on the Internet first.

So my question. With the SYNC 3 system, is it possible to have my work mobile phone connected via Bluetooth , and my personal mobile connected to the USB running Android Auto at the same time?

It seems that once either Android Auto or CarPlay are connected with the SYNC 3, that a standard bluetooth connection is not possible? Is this the case, or am i missing something?

Ideally i want my work mobile taking preference over the bluetooth for all incoming calls, and my personal mobile as a secondary device just for music, podcasts and audiobooks.


Also, on the SAT NAV, is there a simple option to "Save Current Location" as a favorite. It seems i can only add a favorite by using an address or postcode. I cant seem to find an option to save my current location to the favorites list, unless i know the address.

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Actually just read this on Ford's website, which suggests it is possible on Sync 3....

Two phones can be paired to the system at the same time. One can be used for its phone features, and the other for its media.

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