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fiesta zetec s 1.6 petrol 09 intermittent power loss

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wonder if anyone can help have a  1.6 petrol  09 zetec s 40.000 mile service reg  with an intermittent power loss.  car is fine apart from this . it idles fine pulls fine  and  when its going is no problem, but some times when on motor way  cruising around 70 there will be sudden loss power if i stamp on throttle usually cures it.  had it once or twice  before when pulling out at  junction sudden loss power stamp on throttle and its gone .anyone know whats causing this .No engine light is thrown up and have checked  with obd reader and no codes to be found  have fitted new ngk plug  but still has same issue  

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Sounds like air or fuel related might be worth checking the air filter is properly in place, maybe coil pack or ht leads but that would normally be noticeable most of the time you would think

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