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To Powershift or Not

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Hello All

After giving me great, reliable service the time has come to replace my 57 plate Mondeo ghia with something newer.

My question is simple. How reliable/good is the powershift box? There seems to be some bad press surrounding this box. Software upgrades and extended warranties are talked about. I don't want to buy something that will let me down and or cost money. I cover around 10k per year and looking to get a 63 plate or newer Focus 2l TDCI 140 or 163 with powershift.

I would be grateful for no hearsay replies, just facts. If any ford mechanics have any comments they wish to keep private that's fine. Please message me.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hi the stories  around the PowerShift box seem to be around the Fiesta sized cars with the odd focus (petrols) ... i.e. those cars in a lot of stop start traffic To do with clutch packs . Hence they have moved back to conventional auto for there petrols.. Diesels appear unaffected in the majority

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the main issues are with the dry clutch dct250 box in petrol focus/fiesta/b max/ecosport. the diesel uses the 450 wet clutch box. these boxes are far more reliable, but critically the oil and filter in this box needs changing every37.5k or 3 yrs whichever the sooner.

as long as thats been done , then they are normally fine.
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Agreed. it's the small-car powershift boxes that seem to get the bad press.

To be fair I found there was a good amount of bad press for most manufacturers' auto boxes when I was looking for my last car, not just the Ford Powershift.

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