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Scooby 1

Reprogram remote keyless fob

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6 hours ago, Scooby 1 said:

My car is push button start and I can only find instructions for key start. 


You don't say what model or year the car is!

With Mk2 Focus, there is a spare keyblade that can operate the (normally keyless) ignition switch, and you can use the normal keyed vehicle procedure. With the Mk2a Focus, it is very similar. But the Mk3 (2011 on) is different, and it looks like this may be a Ford dealer (Fraud Stealer) only procedure. (It is the same with quite a lot of bits on these later cars, Ford thinks it is all to hard for us mere mortals to trouble our little heads with, and it should all be left to dealers, who all too often, have not got a clue. Bah.) I suspect the same will hold for other models.

However, here is something that may be worth trying:

" For keyless systems to re synchronise the key:
Remove remote from vehicle,lock using the door button.
unlock using a programmed remote or using the key in the lock
switch on ignition while holding lock or unlock of un-synched key.

Or for just re-programming you just press the start button in place of turning the key,with the clutch depressed and follow the instructions as per bladed key. "



For the earlier car procedures, see:


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I think I deduced from previous posts about keyless entry that it can only be done with Ford IDS diagnostics, a nice feature to have but a pain if they stop working for any reason. 

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