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Focus sport no crank, no start

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After being stood over Christmas my Focus sport 1.6 petrol wouldn't start but I got it running after a jump start and the engine ran no problems. Having been stood for a further few days it again wouldn't start, even after charging the battery so I got a new battery, fitted it and expected the car to fire first time but still just clicks, no crank.  I've checked the battery with a multimeter whilst attempting to start and that's now fine; I've checked and cleaned battery terminals and connections; checked all the fuses (engine compartment and passenger footwell); switched out the starter relay with one known to work and still no joy.  Suggestions of where to look next gratefully appreciated before I have to bite the bullet and call someone out

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Thanks for the replies guys. The earth straps are showing good continuity. Have been a bit reluctant to hit starter motor in case of damaging it but will give a go with rubber handled hammer if I can get at it...fingers crossed. Typically car is parked nose in on a sloped drive close into wall so may have to get the neighbours to tow me off so I can get at it more easily

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Just a quick update...it was a stuck starter motor causing the problems but hitting it wasn't enough 'encouragement' to get it moving again, I had to bump start it. Luckily I live on a hill so once I'd got the car off the drive I quickly checked that the engine hadn't seized (by this stage I was double checking everything even though there was no reason at all why the engine should've seized); I put the car in second, handbrake off, and let it roll forward, which it did without any trouble. The engine finally fired when I jump started it and been behaving itself since but I have ordered a new starter motor so I can change it out rather than having to go through this again!  Thanks again for the help guys

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