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Repair or replace?

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I got a second hand Focus not that long ago and someone went in to the back of me but has taken full responsibility for it.

He asked that we don't go through insurance and he will get it repaired - which I am happy to do as my last accident was ~7 years ago and it pushed my premiums up a lot for years even though it wasn't my fault again.

the impact was at ~5MPH and he came off much worse - there is just two tiny dents on the bumper, along with a hole where it impacted his grill.

Seeing that Focus rear bumpers are quite cheap, I assumed it would be a replacement one that would be fitted, but, I've just heard that his place are "rubbing down, filled and resprayed and will look as good as new".

I know very little about cars, but, I know that deep dents/holes can turn rusty later. This guy has been extremely reasonable and I can just as easily say I want to go elsewhere, but, I don't want to if I am being silly or if what he is saying is the normal thing.

Should I accept this and/or what would you do in my position?



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if its just the rear bumpers that's plastic so it cant rust the repair should be fine

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