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In need of a 2015+ Mondeo Digital Instrument Cluster

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Greetings everyone!


I just joined the forum with hopes of being pointed in the right direction... I am in the United States and I have a Ford Fusion. I am looking to get the Mk V Mondeo digital instrument cluster that looks like this:




In the States, the Lincoln MKZ comes with this digital cluster. I was able to purchase the cluster from a junked MKZ. However, the plastic lens part of the cluster in the MKZ is different from the Fusion/ Mondeo's clear plastic lens cover. I am certain that I will most likely need to buy the entire cluster and remove the lens and put it on my cluster.

I am in need of the lens from ANY digital cluster from a 2015+ Mondeo. It does not matter if it is from a diesel, gasoline, automatic, MPH or KPH, or whatever because I will be using the actual cluster from the MKZ.


Anywho, down to the actual questions, haha. I need to find one of these clusters from a Mondeo and get it shipped to the US. Does anyone know where I would have any luck finding this cluster? Would a parts depot or a junk yard be a good place to look? If so, would anyone mind PMing me contact information on where to check?


I am looking for a used cluster. Thanks in advance!

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I was able to locate one and have it shipped to the states in wonderful condition! If anyone else is looking for one, drop me a message and I'll share my salvage yard recommendations!

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