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2016 Ford Ka - faulty coil pack

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This is a warning to other Ford Ka users. I bought a 16 plate Ford Ka and immediately noticed that it was very lacking in power. However, I put it down to moving from a 1.6 Ford Focus to a 1.2 Ford Ka and thought it was just me being picky. Then I noticed that it lost power going up very moderate hills and would not pull up hills in 5th gear even if I was going at a good speed on approach and the hill was not very steep. So, off to my local Ford dealer it went. They took it out for a road test and declared it fine. Then I noticed  the loss of power was getting worse and I was not overly impressed with the fuel economy either. Then the "fill up with petrol" light came on when I seemed to have over 1/4 tank of petrol. Which was odd. I decided to take it back to the Ford garage but before I could, the check engine light came on as did the fantastically named general failure indicator light. And my auto start/stop failed. So, off to the garage again at some speed. At this point my car was 9 months old and had done about 9,200 miles. I must say my reception this time was much better - but I had done my homework and was sure of my ground. I told the person booking in the car that it was not the usual disconnection of the auto start/stop in cold weather or a premature "get this car serviced" message (and lets be honest, if the car wants to be serviced, flashing up random amber warnings is a bit of a weird way of informing you of this, a specific "get the car serviced" message would be more useful.) I was firm in my resolve. This should not be happening in a new car. Turns out it was a faulty coil pack - which was repaired under warranty. So, the moral of this story is - if you know your car is not working properly, do your homework and stick to your guns. I am wondering though, how many other owners of new cars have had faulty coil packs? According to my research, these things should be very reliable and not need looking at for about 100,000 miles.

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